What Our Clients Say

At Your Academic Success Testing Services, our aim is to give the support your child needs to enjoy reading and learning. Through our years of tutoring and testing experience, we have helped many parents in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and nearby areas gain a better understanding of dyslexia, so that they can take an active part in the learning success of their children. Read the following testimonials to find out about the experiences of parents and children whom we have been privileged to work with.

What our customers are saying

Our daughter ended up needing tutoring to be able to read. She struggles with dyslexia and ADHD. It was a scary time for our family to tackle these issues and Melanie was the support we needed to help our daughter progress and be successful. The reading program she worked through with Meredith was thorough and Melanie Todd knew how to help her be successful at it. Mrs. Todd stays on task and motivated our challenging daughter to keep at it. She used techniques that kept Meredith engaged and having fun while really learning how to read without tears. Meredith actually enjoys reading because Mrs. Todd painstakingly worked with her to really learn to break down the barriers to reading.

- Your Academic Success Testing Services Client

What our customers are saying

Our family was introduced to Melanie Todd during an evaluation at the Epilepsy Institute in either late 2012 or 2013. Shortly after that, we decided to begin Wilson Reading Method Tutoring with her for our son Mark.

When we began the sessions, Mark was receiving Speech Therapy and was several levels below where they wanted his reading to be. He struggled with both comprehension and fluency. Mark is a very quiet, sensitive boy and his self-esteem was low as a result of always feeling behind his peers.

Fast forward a couple of years and you meet an eleven year old Mark who worked weekly learning the Wilson strategies from Mrs. Todd and quickly established a rapport with her. Upon ‘graduating’ from tutoring in 2015 Mark was on grade level in English language Arts and what was his most difficult subject had become his strongest. We have seen improvement in his spelling and sentence structure as well. in fifth grade (academic year 2015/2016) Mark was able to score a four on his fifth grade Reading EOG. He read the "39 Clues” book series over the summer for enjoyment and often read a book in a single sitting because he got caught up in the mystery.

Mark saw Mrs. Todd as someone who believed in him and could help him reach his goals. I can’t express enough how beneficial this aspect of the tutoring was for him — having a respected adult who wasn’t his parents in his comer encouraging him gave him the tenacity to keep working each week and to slowly believe in himself too. This is so much more important to us as his parents than the reading levels or the test scores.

We highly recommend Mrs. Todd and the Wilson Reading Method tutoring to anyone who needs to improve their reading skills. You will not regret this investment.

- Michele and Joseph Laskus (October 4, 2016)

What our customers are saying

Mrs. Todd is so helpful, patient and resourceful. She helped my family gain a much better understanding of what my daughter was dealing with intellectually. Mrs. Todd provided knowledge, tools and resources about dyslexia and my daughter has been able to achieve and maintain incredible growth in all areas of school we are so thankful for Mrs. Todd. Her passion to help students excel is evident.

- Anonymous