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Vision Therapy

Treatment for Learning Related Vision Problems Include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Eye Tracking
  • Eye Teaming
  • Reading Problems

As vision and learning are intimately connected, a vision problem can be easily mistaken for a learning problem. Children with visual problems can be misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities, ADHD or dyslexia. Once the proper diagnosis has been determined, they can remediate the areas of weakness.

Vision therapy is designed to enable people with such problems to become more comfortable and to prevent loss of vision. An added benefit is that if an individual feels more comfortable, it may lead to a better performance at school or work.

Melanie Todd, WILSON Dyslexia Practitioner offers Dyslexia Testing, Visual Processing Evaluations and Standardized Achievement Testing.

Melanie joined the Vision Therapy Center in 2017 to continue her work in dyslexia and academic evaluations. She is now a trained Vision Therapist and offers her clients therapy for a variety of eye disorders that affect learning. Melanie, along with Developmental optometrist Stephen J. Kaluzne, O.D.,PA, offers a specialty optometric vision care practice dedicated to providing the highest quality Vision Therapy to children and adults in a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere. With a highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, they go beyond 20/20.

Many studies indicate that there is sufficient support for the effectiveness of visual rehabilitation therapy in modifying and improving ocular motor (eye movement), accommodative (eye focusing), binocular (eye coordination), and in visual perceptual disorders. There is more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!

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“After Dr. Kaluzne diagnosed my vision problems and started treating them he sent me to Melanie. I've been seeing Melanie for three months now and my life is very different. I hadn't driven a car in several years because I had double vision. I didn't know it could be fixed until I saw Dr. Kaluzne, and even then I was afraid I would have to have surgery but I didn't. What I needed in addition to the correct prescription lenses for my glasses was rehabilitative vision therapy.

Melanie uses a variety of tools both simple and complex, to train my eye muscles to put my eyes in the correct position to see "straight". There are simple line drawings on paper and computer programs and other tools in between. Melanie is a master at all of them. She is a great therapist. Her warm demeanor makes me very comfortable. She explains things concisely, in easy-to-understand terms so I always know what I'm doing and why. She is so patient and upbeat! I have a couple areas where I'm just not advancing the way I'd like and Melanie always encourages me. She never has an unkind word and she always has a positive attitude. I thoroughly enjoy working with Melanie and highly recommend her to anyone who needs rehabilitative vision therapy.

I've started driving again!! I have my freedom back!! And Melanie's knowledge, skill and patience have made all the difference. I'd still be stuck waiting for a ride if not for Melanie. Yay Melanie!!! I couldn't do it without you. Thank you!”

Our daughter is on the autism spectrum. Due to her sensory issues she has struggled with focusing and looking directly at her work, which has in turn created problems with learning. Melanie Todd has tailored therapy sessions which are engaging for our daughter and specific to her needs. She has also reached out to her teacher to work in concert to support her outside of the sessions. We have seen immense gains in her ability to focus, track and hand and eye coordination. We are so glad we found Melanie!

My son required vision therapy and he worked closely with Mrs. Todd. She was always very patient and helpful with him. Over a course of 9 months my son increased his reading abilities and gained self-confidence. We are very thankful for the tools and knowledge that she was able to share. We could not be more proud of his growth.

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